Hunting Merlions: Singapore Day 3

Hunting Merlions

The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s tail. Singapore has adopted the merlion as its official mascot and national animal. Singapore was originally called Temasek, which means “sea town” in Javanese. The name was changed to Singapura , which translates to Lion City. When you combine the sea and the lion you get merlion. The Singapore tourism board owns the trademark rights for the merlion design, so they must approve any new merlion statues. Currently there are 5 official merlions in Singapore. On my third day in Singapore I figured it could be fun hunting merlions. Not only do you get to see a lot of the city, but its an inexpensive way to spend the day!

  1. At the peak of mount faber

    hunting merlions
    Mount Faber Merlion

  2. The Sentosa Merlion

    hunting merlions
    The Sentosa Merlion

  3. Baby Merlion in Merlion Park

    hunting merlions
    Baby Merlion in Merlion Park

  4. The Original Merlion in Merlion Park

    Hunting Merlions
    The Original Merlion

  5. The Singapore Tourism Board Merlion

    Hunting Merlions
    Singapore Tourism Board Merlion

I was able to find all 5 of the official Singapore Merlion statues. In the process I also got to check out the South East Asia Aquarium and have a delicious meal at Osia Seafood and Steak Grill on Sentosa Island. To follow along and see the entire day checkout the Travel Vlog Day 3.

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